Full of bugs and the bad Black&White UI

While the game itself is really genial, this game lacks of very common easy of use commands and, badly, it is full of bugs!
A simple "turn the camera" by using the two mouse buttons is not present, neither a click and drag approach, nor a simple menu to remove or destroy object. You have to pick up a builder and move it on a building, find the destroy icon, click on it and click again once its ready. Terrible.
You also have a very bad day when you look for your scriptwriters. They are of course around you 100x100 miles park and you have to look for them or you won't have scripts. What the hell?
Then there is something that destroy your pleasure. When you're not winning, you lose and lose, you never get new hires, nor you can advertise or buy hires, you just... die slowly, frustrated by a voice telling you you need new hires! Great, I need them, I know. Give me the way to get them, stupid machine.
Lastly, the bugs. One terrible is happening when you fire someone and it's not fired since it was simply ... filming or acting. It remains in your list and there is no way to remove it. It locks forever one of your movies, and screw all your statistics. You can even destroy the park, and it will remain. No matter you try to drag it, it cannot be dragged.
Nice try, the game is genious, but you have to play more the other construction games to understand how it is frustrating your interface.

Hope in some updates to fix all this garbage. Ah, I forgot, it seems that all the buildings are always to be repaired, always, so when you have some buildings, you're stuck in losing all your people in repairing... Illogical and very frustrating.