One of the few games ever to have such a strong grasp over my life, it can be very addictive if you let it.

Now when I first played Diablo II, it was a great game. But going back a second time to play it, its just not that great of a game. Its good but not great, it could have been much better. Diablo II was just really boring a second time through, not to mention battle.net is now full of 13 year olds who are immature and bots that just keep spamming the whole time. Diablo has great features but there are no combo moves and everybody follows the same exact path as everyone else, which really makes the game dull and medicore. This game can be very addictive if you let it. But if you want some real RPG action, Diablo won't give it you. This game is more of a hack and slash than an actual real RPG.