At first a game you can't put down, but thats it

User Rating: 8.7 | The Matrix Online PC
What got me to play this game is the beta version which me and my friend played to death. of course the problem was that after the game came out all my hard work was put to nothing. the game play it self is the standard MMG type game. while doing mission for either the humans the robots you can gain friends and take on tougher missions. you have to play this game a lot to advance and be powerful so replay value is there for a while at least. The graphics it self are not bad. PC games are just that. the problem with this game is that there are many glitches and freezes during the game. this is with a great PC and a fast connection. many complain especially when they had to reset a lot fo players profile. the developers make it snappy by making real time mission, but to no rescue.
once we had leveled up to the point were we could only do so much to level up we stopped playing the game and canx the subscription. I recommend this game but no to new comers. why take on players that are at a greater level than you.