The Matrix Online looks and feels like, the Matrix

User Rating: 7.7 | The Matrix Online PC
The Matrix online, is one to compete with titles such as World of warcraft. The game pritty much feels like City of Heros in comparison as in much of the game mechanics is different.

More people to work for to do their quests for, or go punch up the local street gang. Just like you can do inside COH. But that is where the similarities end.

The Atmosphere generated by the community inside the game is one of maturity. Warner bros have handed the keys over to Sony and it remains to be seen if Sony will destroy the Matrix just like they did Starwars Galaxies. However at the current state it remains to be much like it was in its early days of beta.

It hardly looks different from beta aswell, few bugs fixed but still more showing. The need to be a fan of the Matrix is I would say is rather a must have to keep playing the game the interest has to be there cause there isn't enough for people just interested in the Genre to want keep paying the $41.99 for 3 months of limited gameplay.

The Graphics looks great although the matrix just feels like its missing that something, perhaps the lack of wind or birds in the sky.

The control interface takes a bit of getting used too, the Defaut video settings is at 800x600 I have a powerful computer and I found changing the screen resoulution to the best I could have resaulted the game lagging. When I restored the resolution to 800x600 the lag vanished.

Overall the games looks and feels great, the game play maybe not as good as world of warcraft but with WOW. The Atmosphere generated by the players ther makes playing wow very! undesirable. Where as the Matrix seams to have the better aspect of that. Which makes up for the game play in it self.

The game sounds great too, however during beta they said they was going to try get celebs to do the voices but nothing became of it. So we have the characters that appear in the films but with different voices which doesn't exactly help to make the game feel like the movie.

This game has to be a must have for the fans of the series Matrix that has everything else to do with the matrix.

Fans of the MMORPG genre will like this game, however unlike for the matrix fans there isn't going to be enough to keep you there I feel.