The only Tekken game I respect.

A pretty fast Tekken game that not only lets you tag in your partner, but also invites you to explore oddities like Bowling.

Several clones, but the overall fighting system is pretty good. You can tag almost instantly and pull off some smooth combos that seem too natrual at times.

Even if you find yourself bored with fighting, the bowling mini-game is somehow too addictive and all you try to do is top your score...or your friend's.

The storyline is the same as always: Humorous and odd all at the same time, and the final boss isn't some impossible cheater that begs for you to trade in your game.

The music is a feature that is actually sweet and puts you right into the moment with head nodding techno.

This is a very solid fighter that is for the hardcore players that want something besides button mashing.