the first tactic game in the prince of persia universe..

the very best game on the DS...and the very tactic-strategy,card battle game in the prince of persia series...
when I first saw it in the game shop in saudi arabia..I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me..and I bought it...the day I bought the game was history to me..because I couldn't find it in my country or in any game shop I know.....a pretty sad thing really.ok,enough about me..and the history of the game with me..AND ON WITH THE GAME!!!
The game's story line takes you in the periodsof prince of persia:the sands of time,& POP:Warrior within...and in this game you will understand more of the history of the prince,and king shahraman.."the prince's father"and why the dahaka was chasing the prince,and because of that..started a war between persia and india and aersiua..and you play with 9 different heros(or generals)..and order your army by using order or magic cards to strengthen your army,or weaken your enemy and order them to move here and there,or to attack your foe..
The Graphics
The sound
JUST RADICALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the recommendation
HIGHLY recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!