amazing game to play

This game is far beond anything good, this game has the rights to be called a masterpiece. When i played this game, i found this feeling inside me that made me feel like her.
dreamfall is one of the greatest games that I've played, I love the adventure and puzzles in this game. But I'm here to give you a review and that's what i'm going to do. First of all I'm gonna brake the game into few pieces and tell you what i think about them.

The graphics in this game are wonderful, i think i haven't played a game with so high detailed graphics. The characters are wonderful and have their own personality ( wich you can clearly see in the graphics in this game ). The landscape is beautiful and you feel like your inside the game while playing; i give the landscaping in this a 10 ( I don't usually do this but it's so great i had to ). So the graphics in the game is a big part of it.
So I give the graphics a rating of a 9.

The sound in this game is quite good to, i love the detailed sounds, like the sounds in rivers floating and so on. I love the voice acting in this game, the game is made for listening to what other people say; and then maybe later in the game you will have some good use for it.
So I give the sounds a good number of 9.

Game play
But of course it's the game play that matters the most. The game play in this game is exciting and thrilling, so is the story of the game. The game play is mostly just about using your brain, finding objects and put in certain places and so on. You basicly got 100's of puzzles to do.
And I give the game play a great 10 because of it's great story and puzzles all the way through the game.

Well i hope this review has been help ful..