Riders of Rohan is here, tell us your opinion.

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At last the rangers reach the lands of the Rohirim, and as we step closer to the final battle, new dangers rise to encounter the heroes of middle earth.

At the moment I can not give much of a valid review, save some initial observations of the first few hours in Rohan.

I must say I entered the new expansion with aprehension thinking that LOTRO was loosing its touch, yet I was pleasantly wrong.

Though I have not yet obtained my warsteed and the skills that come with him/her, the initial changes to the game make it all the more pleasant to play. 

The addition of OPEN-TAPPING in combat is a new way of ensuring a friendly gaming comunity, as players will be rushing to help one another ( and themselves in the process), this not only makes it all the more easy to quest, but also all the more easy to find a possible fellowship.

with remote looting LOTRO has gone a long way to solving your baggage problem, since all excess items you can not collect are stored in a remote pannel for 1hr time, this is in my opinion a much better idea than that one extra bag, which in my opinion would not have made much of a difference and would rather end up being, one more bag I wont have space on.

the quest are pretty much the old kill X collect X, at least so far, though there have been a few that offer a little more action, such as the warbands. 

much as the title says I would like to hear your opinion about LOTRO ROR expansion