Excellent game, nothing special just fun

For those of you who have no idea who The Punisher is, this game puts you in the feet of a beefcake who's out for revenge, with two very large combat knifes. I'll make this short and just say why i gave it the ranks i did. Gameplay - The controls are very simple but you may need to check the control menu 1-4 times if ever you forget something, if you're looking for some special 'feature' in a game you won't be blown away by this but if you're looking for hours of playable fun this is the best modern example. Graphics - No amazing special effects here, but the graphics do what they're supposed to do very well, levels look like their real life counter parts for example the zoo (with little water falls and wooden suspended bridges), enemies can be blown in half and bleed where shot, both complemented well with havok physics, the physics are mostly only for ragdoll though. Sound - Ambient effects are very well implemented here, lots to hear outside of the action, but when deep in the action most of the weapons give off a satisfying crack and you're knife will sink into flesh with an exaggeration of the sound you'd expect. Value - If this means what i got for the money i handed over, i'm very pleased, lots of fun to be found here and lots of unlockable stuff. Tilt - I'm not sure what this is but it sounds like my influence to you to buy this game, so i stuck it on 10.