User Rating: 7 | The Lion King SNES
+ Movie-based game actually done right
+ Many fun levels
+ Great final battle with Scar

- Hardly any story between levels
- Bug Hunt levels


There's really no other way to explain the overall value of Disney's The Lion King. This is quite possibly the best movie-based game to be put out in the vintage days of gaming.

You are Simba. You will make your way across the Pridelands and stumble upon the frightening Elephant Graveyard. As the stampede begins, you will flee for your life and eventually head into exile. With the help of Timon and Pumba you will become carefree, only to come face to face with your destiny and return to the Pridelands for one last battle with the evil Scar. Flip, pounce, maul and roar your way through 10+ levels full of detail and enemies not seen in the movie.

In The Lion King, you will control Simba in two different forms; the young version, and the adult version. In some cases, both versions control the same. For young Simba and adult Simba, the A button is used for roaring at enemies to stun them. The X button only comes into play for the adult version of Simba, allowing him to lunge and perform overhead strikes. Likewise, the Y button is only used by adult Simba, and executes a standard claw swipe. Jumping for both versions of Simba is performed by pressing the B button. Likewise, the directional pad left and right will move both versions around the screen. Many of the levels contain small rock ledges where Simba must flip onto in order to cross large gaps in the environment. For being a 16-bit game, The Lion King looks quite impressive. All the environments are very well done and detailed quite nicely. As is expected, there are a few minor hit detection glitches when fighting certain enemies. As far as sound quality goes with The Lion King, it's pretty much right on par with many other games from the 16-bit era. Many themes from the movie can be heard while playing through certain levels. Surprisingly enough, many voice-overs from the movie are found throughout the game, though short by comparison to games today, it's nice to know that even more of the movie was incorporated into the game. Most notably among the themes found in the game are the popular Hakuna Matata theme and the final battle with Scar theme on Pride Rock. Chances are, if you loved The Lion King, the movie, then you will love the game as well. As far a replayability goes, once you beat the game, that's pretty much it. There are no hidden levels or no secret modes. The only thing you can do is cheat. By pressing B-A-R-R-Y in the options menu, you will unlock a cheat menu, giving you access to Invulnerability and Level Select, as well as Easy unlocked as a difficulty. The bug gathering stages with Timon and Pumba are merely there for 1up purposes and have no other purpose. I remember borrowing this game off of my cousin when I was out of school for the summer. I remember one of the hardest levels being "Can't Wait to be King". It seems many people still have problems with that stage even today. My fondest memory of this game was the final level. I loved ascending Pride Rock and throwing Scar off the cliff. While the ending wasn't all that interesting in the least, the final stage of getting there was more than enough to put a smile on my face. I recently purchased The Lion King for myself at a local independant game store in the next town for $5.00. The game is just as good as I remember it being nearly 13 years ago and has certainly been able to stand the test of time. In closing, let me recommend this game to you if you have a Super NES console and young children, as they would certainly enjoy it... or, who knows... maybe you would enjoy it yourself.

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