The Lion King is really for more of the child audience, but this game isn't too terrible for the teens and adults.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Lion King SNES
The good parts of this game is the gameplay, this game has mainly all the platforming qualities that everyone will enjoy. In this game, you can choose the difficulty of the game, you dont see that everyday, mainly, the difficulty is based on the amount of lives, if you choose "difficult" you will have about 2 lives to start off, as opposed if you choose "easy" you start off with 8 lives. The health bar is something new to the platforming game for its time, usually in old platforming, there were just usually pitfalls, in this game there is a health bar, which of course, if you lose all energy, you die. The level design is pretty nice for a little kid, but now-days for older audiences, it is just a little on the cute side. The music, if you have watched the Lion King movie, the music is going to be VERY familiar and you may be humming the tune. I like that in some endings of a level, there will be a little boss fight, in example, at the end of the 1st level, you had to fight a hyena and there are more. In levels, there are some unexpected twists and turns for example, you could be just walking around, and then the next thing there is a boulder chasing after you. You can get extra continues in this game which is nice for the first time players. The bad parts of this game is the controls, the controls i feel are a little too slick and a little too sensitive which can really annoy you in some levels. Again, for teens and adults, the graphics are just a little too much on the cutesy side. There aren't a lot of levels in this game, there are only about 8 levels and some of the early ones dont take too long to beat. Overall, this is more recommended for the kids than teens and adults, but still, a pretty nice game.