A simple and short but such a classic.

User Rating: 8.7 | The Lion King GG
I remember playing this on my sisters GG, like 3-6 years ago, and It used to be such fun, my sister was always better though, but I can kick her caboose any day now. Any way, this game was a super good game. It had good graphics, and it was fun, but my main complaint was that Scar was way to easy, just right jump back to the left, swipe, and Scar is dead, super easy to destroy him. Even on hard mode its easy. But this is a classic, and will always be a childhood memory, sniff. Anyway, you play as Simba, a young lion who wants to be a good king, you follow the progress of the movie, from cub to full male lion (who gets all the ladys) trying to defeat Scar, his evil uncle.