The Legendary Starfy Cheats For DS

  1. Fighting the World 10 Boss

    In order to battle against the boss in World 10 you must complete the following levels within a certain time limit. 10-1 - 45 seconds 10-2 - 2 minutes 20 seconds 10-3 - 3 minutes 50 seconds 10-4 - 2 minutes 10 seconds 10-5 - 2 minutes 50 seconds 10-6 - 2 minutes 30 seconds

    Contributed by: Wolf4knowledge 

  2. Sound Test, Gachapon, Boss Mode, and World 9

    By complete the game the first time (world 8) you'll unlock Sound Test, Gachapon, and Boss mode. All three can be found in the menu by pressing R in the stage select screen. You'll also unlock World 9 which explains Stapy's part in the story.

    Code Effect
    Complete the Game Sound Test
    Complete the Game Gachapon
    Complete the Game Boss Mode
    Complete the Game World 9

    Contributed by: Wolf4knowledge 

  3. World 10

    To unlock World 10 you must complete boss mode (Big Bossdown) with either Stafy or Stapy in under nine minutes. World 10 consist of a series of time attack levels including a new boss.

    Contributed by: Wolf4knowledge 

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