Should Nintendo branch its Zelda franchise for different kinds of fans?

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As I've seen, the Zelda franchise had almost branched in two entirely different directions while it was on the Gamecube. It went in the direction of WW and TP. This branching encouraged two different groups of Zelda fans. I personally want to see more dark and realistic Zelda games such as TP was in its time. My suggestion to Nintendo? Continue on with this branching. Really shake things up. Don't try to please everybody with one Zelda game, split it into two different teams both of which communicate with each other to ultimately create two different branches of Zelda which appease to the fans that have developed due to the Gamecube's two main Zelda releases. Your mistake, Nintendo, was SS. It seemed as though you were desperately trying to merge the two different branches, all together creating an all new Zelda feel which I for one did not enjoy as much as TP and OoT, not even as much as WW. But you did it to attempt the avoidance of this branching, which you should really be embracing. Zelda fans don't want the other groups' desires, nor do they want a mix. Each fan from both groups wants the Zelda from which branch they have decided to climb. Our differentiating opinions will not intertwine and you should not expect them to. The best solution is to give these two groups exactly what they desire, their own kind of Zelda.