Splinter Cell sneeks its way onto the PSP!

Sam Fisher has evaded his way to the Playstation Portable. In the newest game in the series, Splinter Cell: Essentials provides players with a good does of stealth spy action. This game feature the usual Splinter Cell gear: silenced pistol, silenced machine gun, smoke bombs, sticky shooters, sniper scopes, frag and flash grenades, multiple visions, laser mics and a new M-16 rifle. The graphics are phenominal. They are the best I have seen on the PSP. The environments are captivating and immersive ranging from the Columbian jungles to the NSA headquarters. The game spans over Sam's life as a Navy seal to when he is the top splinter cell operative. The AI in the game functions nicely as well. One feature that I was highly intrigued by was the fact that you could save your game and start from that spot ANYWHERE in the game. That is a first for the PSP. There is only one word to describe the in-game camera: Horrendous! I, like many other SC players, rely heavily on the the camera movement to evade enemies. In this game, you have to hold O then rotate the thumbstick to move the camera. This means you can't move, making you vulnerable for detection. The camera angles also fluctuates in and out when you rotate the camera. I was killed several times because I couldn't adjust the camera properly to see the bad guy coming. Other than that the game is as solid as the other SC games. I recommend that a gamer goes over the first level a couple of times before moving on in order to master the controls because at first the controls will seem impossible to control. Stick with it. Ubisoft has made a good one. Have fun gaming!