Well, innovative to the Naruto Series. First off, it IS a Time-Based RPG, which is something new for Naruto and friends.

So you have seen Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles and Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2. So you have seen Naruto: Ultimate Ninja and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2. So you might've heard about Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3. So you have heard about the Ninja Coucil series on the GBA and DS. So what? Sure some of the games I have listed above are better than this, but this game introduces something new: Time-Based RPG (for Naruto series).

It may not deserve the best score for graphics, but it is still nice for a 2-D game. This game only goes up to the end of Orochimaru's Invasion, but it is still nice. It provides some challenges, such as Gaara, Orochimaru, and the Chunin Exams. It also has real voices and sayings from the anime, such as "What a drag." The sad thing it, they didn't get too innovative on the Fox-Demon Transformation. Sorry about that.

This game utilizes the touch screen very well. You can use it to build up chakra for jutsus or move around in the field. Each person also has their own signature jutsus, such as Byakugan for Neji and Shadow Clone Jutsu for Naruto. They also pretty well divide the supporters and main attackers. Naruto, Sasuke, and Rock Lee are very good attackers, while Sakura, Neji, and Shikamaru are good with genjutsus and such.

This is actually one of the games that actually follow the storyline. So Uzumaki Chronicles 2 was a fun game, but it didn't follow the storyline. So it is nice to have a game that actually follows the storyline.

The Formation System is also pretty helpful. You have a 4x6 field. You're party of one, two, or three will be in the right 4x3 area. The enemy or enemies will be on the right 4x3 area. You can choose where each of your party members can be at the start of the battle. Depending on where you put your party members, you will get special effects, such as immunation from genjutsus or increased parameters. Of course you don't have to put them in a specific formation. You can make up your own formation, but you won't get anything special for it.

Overall, this game is a $30 well spent.