I don't know how you value a game???!!!

When i finished NFS most wanted i said my self that the next NFS should be Amazing, perfect, innovative but.....

Audio: boring/poor nothing new or on my opinion good
Graphics: yes ok in this game are very good. Also good details.
Game play: in game i consider also some aspects of the game like AI!
Also in this version of NFS the police is able to chase a Lamborghini or a Porche Gt!????? How?? Have they got aircraft engines?? mah.
During the races i used nos and the other challengers were always behind me! So it was impossible! I insert the cheat (only to do an experiment) of infinite nos!
I made some races using nos in every place was possible to use it and guess??... the other challengers were still behind me!!! HOW??? I hoped those things were fixed in this version but not! very disappointing! Very very disappointing! They have also left out the drag races!!! how can you give a such a high score to this game??? During a race if you have a teammate and his one of the last and you ask his help, magically he arrives to you in a few seconds!!! And also... why if you crash on another challenger is impossible to kick him away from the road?? which is the weight of his car??Maybe it is a truck with a car skin!!?? :)

If they're going to make the changes that i suggested maybe my value will not be only around 6 but higher!! ;)