Not a worthy successor for a zelda game.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword WII
Link is back in another adventure. But this one is pretty mediocre for a zelda game.

The developers unfortunately rely far too heavily on wiimote gimmicks and fillers, instead of focusing on actual content. Much like advanced graphics, a game full of the wiimote cant make a bad game a good game.

Its very hard to right a review pinpointing the flaws in skyward sword. Because its not just one or two underlying issues, its a whole bunch of little things. But the biggest ones are....

Wiimote gimmicks. Flying and swimming, balancing on ropes, puzzles that make you contort your wrist.

Recycled areas.

Travel time. The game would probably take half the time if there wasnt so much going from place to place happening.

No voice acting. Its 2011. Hire some voice actors zelda team. Link being the silent protagonist is 100% fine. But npcs that go "OIIIIIIII" or have unintelligible audio and then have a text box is both lazy and boring.

The only thing that saves this zelda from a 5.0 is the combat. It is a lot more fun and interesting having to plan the direction of your attack, instead of merely the timing and mashing a button.

This is the first zelda game that I cannot see myself playing through more than once.