This game is truly a Zelda game.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword WII
This is something new in the Zelda series, and I like it. I think they should keep this art style and continue the rpg elements on it. Not everyone will like this game, my opinion if you are fat and/or out of shape you probably aren't going to want to do anything with it. Another way you won't like it, if you have bad coordination and can't do anything. This will be the game for you, if you are either. A. Xbox360 fanboy B.Sony Playstation3 fanboy C. Just plain gay. The game utilizes the future of gaming, not graphics but motion controls. It shows all the pros and cons of motion controls, but without the little cons it had, the pros are masterful. They pick up where the cons messed up. Do not look at the cons only people, if you do that you would have to look at the cons on your games. Like halo? Uncharted? I could mention buttloads of things that are wrong with those games but I shall not, because this is about zelda skyward sword. The story was on point and the gameplay was well organized. They really thought this one through. This graphic style is unique and the play style is awesome, its like a fighting-game/rpg-adventure sometimes. I think any fan of rpgs or zelda should pick this one up.