The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats For DS

  1. Big Plays

    Go on Wi-Fi and play againt someone and if you do any of the tasks below, you will unlock a big play.

    For every four big plays you accomplish, a letter is sent to you telling you to go to Cannon island. When you get to Cannon Island, go to the house and you will receive a Golden part for your ship.

    Code Effect
    Win without taking a single item No Items
    Win without dropping a Force Gems outside a base or safe zone No Dribble
    Defeat Link within the last 20 seconds twice Limit
    Defeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom Solo
    Break 10 or more of your opponent's helpful items. Break
    Pick up 10 or more of your helpful items Take
    Complete the Big Plays "Perfect" and "Limit" in the same match Perfect Master
    Win a match, felling Link in the first 20 seconds of two turns Quick
    Win with a final score of 1-0 Miracle
    Win, turning all the Force Gems your color Get Everythig
    Win without letting your opponent score any points Guardian
    Complete the Big Plays "Get Everything" and "Guardian" in the same match Perfect
    Win without being taken down as Link No Miss
    Take Link down 3 times as the Phantoms Guardian King
    Complete the Big Plays "No Miss" and "Guardian" in the same match Master
    Complete the Big Plays "Limit" and "Master" in the same match Battle Master

    Contributed by: alejandro1994 

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