Pretty solid RPG, just a few flaws

This game, as i said, is pretty solid , it just contains a few flaws that can be looked over as the game progresses.

Anyways, the game starts off pretty slow , and i got a little frustrated at first. This game has a SLOW travel system and a lack of save points. Also, at the beginning, it is REQUIRED that you walk ALOT, back and forth from places with a lot of enemies(represented by skulls) between those spots. And since you walk soooo slow and since you have to walk a lot and there are a lack a save points, it takes a while to get quests done and level up. Also, when you press start, it doesnt pause the game so i recommend you press start in a safe place.

Soon after you get a second person, the game starts to pick up, you dont have to walk back and forth that much, but you still do. You'll pretty much get over the fact that you walk slow since you've gotten used to it. Also a little further in the game, you can warp so it eases up on you.

The graphics are not very good,

Storyline is actually reallly good, until the end, yet it leaves room for a sequel(in a very bad way)

The sound and voices are good

The battle system is new and creative and it's sort of real time but not. Yet it's good.

Enemies are respresented by skulls on the map, and are able to sneak around them, but they move the at the same speed as you, so if you stop they will catch you. Overall, this is a solid rpg for the PSP and i recommend it.