Feels like it's in beta stage...

I've played this game for a while now and here are some of my pros and cons about this game:

*Pretty nice graphics and runs quite well even on a bit older PC's
*Handling feeling with keyboard is quite good

* Snow tracks are weird because the snowbanks seem to be made out of concrete
*Nomather what i did i could not get my wheel (Logitech Formula Force EX) working fine with this game although it's listed in the supported wheels list
*Multiplayer is annoying because of the long waiting times and sometimes if the server host feels like quitting during the race then server shuts down immediately and it's really annoying especially if you are leading the race
* Corners are repetitive
* Handbrake doesn't work like it should so if you spin out and want to take a 180 turn with handbrake then you just cant do it