hours and hours of fun

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
what can i say about this game. when i first saw it i was in shock:..(almost:P)Legend of Zelda IN 3D!!! WOW!!! this could not be a bad game..and it really isn't. Even for a not hardcore zelda fan it's a perfect game. everything is perfect: perfect graphics, perfect difficulty not too hard (except maybe the first time you play it) and not to easy, perfect stoyline, perfect hero, perfect badguy, a princces, perfect setting(s), perfect music, great weapons and unlockables, great magic powers, perfect gameplay...just the perfect ingredients. It may be not the best rpg game ever made, but in my opinion it's the best zelda game ever made. when you'll first play the game it may be a bit difficult but the story sucks you right in there and no matter how difficult you will continue playing to become the Hero Of Hyrule and TIME ITSELF!!