The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Safe Killing

    To easily kill enemies without getting damaged, throw your boomerang and pick up the rooster before the boomerang returns. You should fly in the air while the boomerang floats beneath you.

    Contributed by: FByies 

  2. Explosive Arrows

    Equip both arrows and bombs, then fire simutaneously. This makes for explosive tipped arrows.

    Contributed by: FByies 

  3. Hidden Ending

    If you beat the game without dying, you will see Marin fly across the screen when it says ''THE END''.

    Contributed by: Couch Chimpanzee 

  4. Level 8 before Level 7

    Normally, you can't get to Level 8 without getting the Mirror Shield from Level 7 because of the fire. But all you have to have is the potion from Crazy Tracy. Walk into the fire. As you die, the potion will refill you hearts, making you invincible for about 3 seconds. Now you can walk through the fire without dying, and you can access Level 8.

    Contributed by: HyperSilence 

  5. Free Items From Store Manager Guy

    Enter the store and pick up what you want, then go behind the shop manager and when he turns around quickly run out the door. A message will come uptelling you that you stole an item. If you go back into the store he will kill you.

    Contributed by: castlevaniadude 

  6. Always Win at the Crane Game

    Move the crane directly above the left conveyor belt using the B button. When the item that you want to pick up gets to the very top of the right conveyor belt (but not on the top conveyor belt), tap A. The crane will move down and grab the item.

    Contributed by: HyperSilence 

  7. Warp Across Screen

    To warp to the other side of the next screen, press select in the middle of the transit of screens.

    Contributed by: Locke130 

  8. Level 3 Power Bracelet

    There is a way to get a Level 3 Power Bracelet, but it has the same strength as the Level 2 Power Bracelet. It's actually very simple. You first must be inside level 7, Eagle's Tower. Get on top of one of the ledges on the first floor. Now enter a screen at any direction, while doing the Warp Across Screen glitch (pressing select as you enter the screen). If you did it right, you'll be at a location with a treasure chest at the top left of the screen. Walk over to it and open it up. It will look like a regular power bracelet, but when you look in your inventory, it will say L3.

    Contributed by: HyperSilence 

  9. Get a Level 2 Power Bracelet in Tail Cave!

    You can get a Level 2 Power Bracelet in Tail Cave By following these instructions:
    1. Go to the room before Nightmare Battle in Tail Cave and go down stairs.
    2. Go to left screen down in the side-scrolling area.
    3. Screen warp from left screen-to-right screen.
    4. If done properly, you should land on a pillar. Push right, and you should jump off the pillar, and end back up in the room before the Boss Battle.
    5. You now can walk through stuff.
    Now to start getting the bracelet.
    6. Go south through the doorway.
    7. You should hop from the sky onto the next room. Walk along the edge of the wall and go into the west doorway. If you go too far into the wall, you'll drown.
    8. In the next room, go straight to the west, but go AROUND the obstacle to the west doorway and enter it.
    9. Go through the blocks in the next room and through the north doorway.
    10. Go up in next room and hop over the holes and the keyhole up to the elevated platform.
    11. Go through west doorway.
    12. Go in front of chest and open it. You should get a Level 1 Power Bracelet. (You can stop if you just want LV 1)
    13. Go east a screen.
    14. Now come back west and open chest again. Hiya LV 2
    Now save and quit to lose the wallwalker glitch. Congrats, you're strong now.

    Contributed by: NickelbackMan 

  10. Level 3 Miniboss Quick Kill

    When fighting the Dodongo Snakes in Level 3, kill one snake normally and then leave the room by taking the stairs next to the door on the south end of the room. When you reenter the room, the other one will be dead and the fight will be over.

    Contributed by: Lucid Faia 

  11. Wierd Dungeons

    This odd secret allows you to get to an alternate version of the dungeons, complete with walls you can swim through, invisible walls, strange looking enemies, and other oddities. You can even swim off the sides of dungeons into different ones.

    You can actually do this as soon as you finish the first dungeon, but you really need the flippers, as you have to swim all over the place.

    Go the the boss room of the first dungeon, equip Roc's Feather, and fall down one of the holes in the side. As soon as the screen switches to the side-on view, hold up on the D-Pad and jump using Roc's Feather. If you did this fast enough (and held up... it's necessary for some reason), you'll jump up off the screen into what looks like a room full of impossibly placed locked doors. Move around a bit and you should soon find yourself in a dungeon with the cheat activated. To get back to normal, just enter some stairs.

    Contributed by: justdig 

  12. Get a Level 0 shield.

    At the start of the game, go down to the beach, to where the L-1 sword is. Don't pick it up! Instead, use the screen warp glitch to go west, and hopefully the sword will have floowed you onto the next screen. If it does, pick it up. If it doesn't, go back east and try the screen warp again.
    After you get the sword, go back to the screen the sword is normally in, and you'll see a shield. Pick it up, and your shield will be downgraded to Level 0. It works just like an ordinary shield, except it is invisible.

    Contributed by: max123 

  13. Dungeon 8 at the beginning of the game

    OK, go to the screen above the screen where the first sword is found (at the beach) use the screen warp glitch and you will be in the water. Link will fall into the water, and when you come back you will be at the top of the map near the bridge. you will fall again, but this time you will come back on the bridge. a warp point is nearby, so you can come back whenever.

    Contributed by: ardent_hamster 

  14. Alternate File Select Screen Music

    To change the music on the File Select screen, begin a new file and enter your name in as ZELDA. The name must entirely be in caps for this to work. In the German version of the game, use MOYSE instead. In the French version of the game, use LOLO instead.

    Contributed by: ElementalKnight 

  15. Have name changed to Thief

    When you steal from the store in you're town when you get outside the store it will "say way to go you got something free don't you feal good" and everywhere you go you will be referred to as thief.

    Contributed by: mikedaman64 

  16. Secret Track in Richard's Villa

    Go into Richard's house and wait until the music has looped a few times. Eventually it will stop, then play a little tune found in Mario Paint and Yoshi's Story, then the regular music will start up again.

    Contributed by: NiGHTS0223 

  17. Die without counting against the counter

    As you probably know, the file select screen keeps track of how many times you die in the game. To die and have it not count against you, quickly press A, B, Start, and Select as Link is spinning around before he falls down, and select Save and Quit. The game should reset. Now load up the file you were playing, and you should continue as if you lost, only the loss will not register on the file screen!

    Code Effect
    Quickly press A, B, Start, and Select as Link is spinning around before he falls down, and select Save and Quit Die without having it counted against you in the file select screen.

    Contributed by: Y0u 

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