the last and final review of the devil may cry series, dmc 4.a new character now stars in the dmc world,nero.now at the fist look u might not be impressed much,but once u get hold of his devil bringer,u will learn to rock ur enemies like crazy!its one thing that will keep u immersifeid.now the bosses keep repeating so at one point of time ull b thinking "oh man! not this guy again!".lol.
once u shift over to dante u'll start to miss the devil bringer,but instead now u can change stlye's,guns,swords nd stuff...so it should compensate for the loss.dante is pretty slick nd stylish while nero is quite serious and arrogant typo.
as for the story line..its quite complez but ull get the hang of it while progressin thru the game.as for the puzzles..to be frank i didnt find them interesting...but the other interesting thing are the enemies! visual design is brilliantly done!
a final verdict? dmc fans will love it while new players might not appreciate it much...but all an all it does well to deserve a 9+.