Combat that is simple to learn yet takes hours to master makes this game immensely addictive.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a great game that was originally released on the Nintendo DS, but has recently come to the PS3 and 360. After playing the demo, I couldn't believe how much it sucked me in. This was a game I just had to have. While the story isn't anything too special, nor are the graphics, the battles themselves are so competitive and fun that you'll be hooked right away.

GAMEPLAY - This game is a combination of traversing an overworld map and having one-on-one turn-based battles between your army of creatures and another. While there are different units, you match them up by color in groups of three or more. Three units matched vertically makes an attack group while three units horizontally makes a wall. There are also more advanced units that do a great deal more damage. There is a lot more to the combat, but that's something that you'll just have to learn for yourself if you want to play this game. Like I said though, it's simple enough for anyone to pick up the basics, but it takes a long time to master. I personally never found it that difficult, but I consider myself to actually be really good at this game. No matter your skill level, the gameplay is so undeniably fun that you'll have a hard time pulling yourself away. - 9.5/10

STORY - The story is pretty basic. A bunch of nations in the world are at peace, but things start to be shaken up when a bunch of demons set foot in the world again. You play as the young and up-and-coming leaders of the world in different areas where you level them all up. Overall it's an okay story, and actually pretty good for a PSN game. - 7.5/10

GRAPHICS - Though the graphics are based on a DS game, they actually updated the graphics quite a bit for home consoles. I was pretty impressed by the difference. - 8.5/10

SOUND - Nothing too special here. No voice-acting to speak of, and the music is just kind of there. This is yet another game where I would just rather mute it and do my own thing. - 5/10

LENGTH/REPLAY VALUE - For a PSN game, the length is great. I'm only about halfway through the campaign at 12 hours or so, and I'm still having a blast. This may not be the greatest game to play through multiple times, but I may have to in order to get all the secret stuff. - 8.5/10

BOTTOM LINE - Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a wonderfully fun and addictive game that you should definitely own if you're able to. It may not be as action-packed enough to satisfy everyone, but it's definitely a lot of fun if you enjoy strategy or turn-based games. I really hope they make an expansion or a sequel, because this game has me addicted like crazy. - 8/10