thumbs down looking for some that right here. do it do it do it more.

User Rating: 7 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon WII

The gameplay of the game is pretty good once you get use to the controlls. The free-flight system did pretty good job you have to hit the A button twice to enter it.
The running around with the characters is kind of slow. They'll go a little slower when they pick up heavy objects. That also limits their flight.


The sound and music could have been much better it sounds like they just used some of the music from a new beginning and the eternal night and tossed them in this game. It seems like they got a little lazy with this part. But the music is still pretty good.


The graphicss are well done. The characters were well made. The levels were designed well too. They improved a lot from the eternal night and a new beginning. but nothing else can be much said or can it?


The combat system is still fun to useit doesn't matter what other people say. They did not kill spyro they gave him more moves. Otherwise he will just continue running around smashing into stuff and breathing fire. Unless did what they did in a heroes tail fire,water,electricity,wind, or was something else.
You also get to play Cynder in this game who uses fear which is a strong move. Poison, wind, and shadow which is neatly designed. I'm not sure if this implies to all versions but the wii version or mine anyway had a few freezing issues seems like they should worked harder lazy insert word here. The ending was pretty good but could have been better. It seems like they're going to continue the series or should have made the ending longer and My Score is a 10.0 everyone else 7.5 or 6.5.