Decent story, but extremely boring to play.

User Rating: 4.5 | The Last Remnant X360
This is a square enix game, so it has some Final Fantasy polish to it, in the graphics and sound department. The environments are VERY similiar to FFXII for the PS2. Thats what this game reminded me of off the bat. As you may have heard though, the graphics are also busted! The frame rate is horrible, as well as the popups, and this is throughout the entire game. I've never seen a game so buggy before. Once the graphics settle down and all the textures pop in, the graphics are decent at that. Pretty sharp, but not amazing. Pretty much like FFXII

The combat is also different and fun at first, and the large scale battles are fun at first. However, this games biggest flaw to me is that after you get the hang of the battle mechanics down, there are NO NEW GAMEPLAY elements added to the game as you progress. It is all hands off. You select some general commands (to use magic or attack skills) for your battle groups, and then its up to them. You dont even get to choose which skills they use, its all random. And many skills are only available randomly such as summons. I didnt mind it at first, but after awhile, its so boring to just sit and watch the fight carry out while you do nothing. And the fights can get extremely long. Once you get to the second disc, most boss battles are easily over an hour long, and if you happen to lose, you'd have to replay the whole thing over. And you will lose, becuz the difficulty on this game is just too punishing.

Lastly, it tells a good story that youre used to from square enix. Too bad the cheap and boring gameplay will keep you from getting to enjoy it.