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User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3
The Last of Us is a game created by the same developers who gave you the amazing Uncharted series. The Last of Us is a game that is a lot different but still manages to hit all the right notes like Uncharted does.


The Last of Us tells the story of how an outbreak has taken place and Joel and Ellie have to get to the hospital as Ellie has been immune by a virus which is in the game that makes her not affected by certain stuff.


Well where to begin the game is not for kids it's for the mature gamer. You will meet these creatures called the Infected which range from normal people charging to Clickers who can kill you instantly and are immune to hand to hand combat but not melee weapons. Finally you get the Bloaters who aren't to frequent but when you face them they shall throw some like gas at you that can hurt you and they take a lot of shots but don't even attempt melee weapons because they will just instantly kill you.

Other types of enemies are like Soliders, Hunters and Fireflies and they carry firearms and will alert their squad if they spot you.The key to survival is to manage your weapons and try and be stealthly and not make too much noise. You get objects like Glass Bottles and Bricks to sort of distract them. In terms of firepower you get guns ranging Handgun,Shotgun,Rifle,Magnum,Machine Gun and even a Bow and that's only some of the weapons.

Also you can Craft things like Health Kits Molotov Cocktails and even Bombs to deal with the enemy. SHIVs are incredibly useful because they can defeat Clickers and open some doors that house lots of stuff like ammuntion to currency to firepower. You also collect currency throughout the game and that can help you help you get Clickers easier to hearing enemy movement better to extending your Health Meter. You can also upgrade weapons for Range, Accuracy, Firepower and Reloading Speed. To do all this though you need to search high and wide to get these upgrades which gives you the freedom to explore.

The game also has plenty of collectibles as well like Comics and letters and even things called Fireflies to add replayability and don't think you stop after beating the main quest oh no. There is apparently a New Game Plus mode that carries all your Gear into a second playthrough of the game still with all your weapon mods and everything.

The Last of Us also has a multiplayer mode known as Factions you take the choice of either Fireflies or Hunters and for 12 weeks a day passes every match you play you build your clan up. To maintain the clan you have to get like food and stuff to keep them fit and healthy and by doing this you have to collect things and take down the opposition. After a certain number of days you are forced with Special Tasks and are required to do a certain like Mission and if you fail it you lose members of your clan.

The Multiplayer is certainly an interesting idea and it is good fun because it's more about working as a team than doing it all for yourself and not going gun ho at the other human players. You can still do mainly anything from the Single Player like Crafting if you have the right tools. The problem is there's only 2 modes Supply Raid and Survivors whereas other games have a few more. Maybe a Survival one or Capture the Flag might have been a neat idea.


This game hands down is the best thing ever to grace a console. It's outstanding attention to detail and just overall atmosphere. The cast is pretty good but Joel and Ellie stand out from among the crowd because they start off a bit at each other but warm to each. Ellie even starts cracking conversations throughout the main adventure and you can listen to her and many other conversations during the game. When it comes to production values and a strong cast you can't beat the quality Naughty Dog has in those areas.


The game lasts roughly around maybe 15 to 18 hours but a second playthrough, multiplayer is fun as well you won't be leaving this game alone. The game has extras as well and also the New Game Plus where you can try and get everything you missed and finding all the collectibles and well just playing it again because it's just so good.

Overall Opinion

The Last of Us is a truly amazing experience that you should play if you own a PS3. There is no other words for it. The game is breathtaking it's full of tense moments and it just sucks you into the adventure. Once you have played it you won't want to stop until you have beaten it. Naughty Dog delivered another amazing game that not many could have predicted would be as good as Uncharted.

Overall Score 9.8