Game of the Year, No Question.

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us PS3

There is so much to say about The Last of Us. The story, the amazing graphics, voice acting, etc. But I'm not going to be spoiling the story rotten, what you need to know about the main story is that you're continuously fighting off zombie-like creatures infected with some mysterious illness.

The gameplay is a third person shooter's perspective. Joel (the main character) controls good, but not great, and at times can be a little awkward and wonky, especially when you're underwater. When it comes to combat, it's extremely satisfying to beat the heck out of the zombies with your fists or with bricks and bottles. You can also choose to be stealthy and sneak around to avoid harsh confrontations with certain types of the infected. Also, it doesn't help that ammunition is so scarce and it takes about 3 shotgun shells to kill one zombie. The problem is that you can't appreciate the weapons they give you because you can barely even use them due to the limited ammo. What makes it worse is that when you kill people with guns, such as SWAT or police, you can't pick up their guns or ammo that they clearly had. With ammo being scarce enough as it is, at least give me the option to pick up the SWAT or policeman's guns and ammo. New Game Plus is an even bigger letdown, because you can't keep your stats or your guns for Joel from the previous game and move on to the new game. What's the point of having New Game Plus if your stats and weapons don't carry over? There are also some glitches that can't be overlooked. Joel's superhearing sense doesn't always work when you use it, and I've had instances where enemies get caught in spots where you can't kill them. In certain parts, the game forces you to kill all enemies in the vicinity in order to move on to the next area. When an enemy glitches behind a wall or staircase with no way of being able to kill it to move on, and I then have to restart from the previous checkpoint and lose gameplay progress, that ticks me off.

Graphics wise, it's without a doubt the best looking game on the PS3. The art direction is superb, the lip-syncing is spot on, and each location is just absolutely breathtaking. No places look identical, it is amazing to look at. It definitely pushes the PS3's graphical capabilities to its limits.

For a PS3 exclusive, I would definitely say this is a must add to your library.

Pros: graphics, story, voice acting, characters, beating the tar out of the infected is oh so satisfying.

Cons: ammo is way too scarce, New Game Plus should be called New Game Minus.