What type of game is this

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Is this a 3rd person shooter like Uncharted series but in a darker tone???

Looks very good.

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Is this a 3rd person shooter like Uncharted series but in a darker tone???

Looks very good.

Watch the e3 vid.
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its a post apocalpytic survival game with zombies 




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Still not sure how I actually feel about the game. Anyone know yet if its free-roam, or are you going to be confined to certain areas at certain points? Oh, and also, how much survival are we looking at? Like... Food and water or just ammo conservation?
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It will be a post apocalyptic action/adventure first person shooter with survival elements would be my best attempt at wrongly guessing how to describe it (lol).

Seriously looks like a great game after watching E3 just makes me more resolute in that opinion.  As far as the survival element I think you're going to have to fight and search for food, water, ammunition, general supplies, and to craft stuff to use.  Would agree with the last post though doesn't look to be that open world at present although we've only seen a couple of video's and as yet there is still very little known about it. 

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Sweet. Guess the only thing left is to wait it out then. Sooooo far... away...
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I'm sure, from the e3 video, that there is going to be more than just zombies in the game.
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So just for clarification, it is a first person viewpoint?
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Can't wait for this game. Looks like you did it again Naughty Dog!
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3rd person.

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I feel that TLOU is like the movie "The Thing" seems like it might be best described as a part of the "social horror" genre.
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LOOKS IMMENSE. A more intense Unchartered homefully