This game is sold out every where

#1 Posted by ronaldmcreagan (244 posts) -

I went to BestBuy, Wal-Mart, EBGames, ToysRUs and several other stores that sell games, and every place was sold out.

Anybody else having a hard time finding this game?

This game is obviously already a mega-blockbuster. Naughty Dog is going to be raking in the cash.

#2 Posted by orbis_mortis (420 posts) -

I went to Target at about 11 this morning and there were only two copies left. Didn't have to try anywhere else though

#3 Posted by GONtheSKYLORD (3029 posts) -
Why don't you buy Tom Mcshea's copy? I'm sure he'd be willing to part ways with it.
#4 Posted by Justinps2hero (2188 posts) -
Sold out in Asda (Bodmin) as well.
#5 Posted by ccgod (7114 posts) -
I just went to the psn store and downloaded it :/
#6 Posted by MaddenBowler10 (8857 posts) -
Should have reserved it at your favorite video game store.
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Just have Amazon overnight it to you. It's really cheap with them. 

#8 Posted by Baroni88 (340 posts) -

Just download it on the psn store.

#9 Posted by Mickeyminime (1161 posts) -
they had plenty where i live