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I re-watched 28 days later earlier this week and couldn't help but notice a feeling of strong similarity between the two. I think it was a combination of the music and the sheer emptiness that made me immediately think of The Last of Us. Anyone else notice this similarity to any other zombie/post-apocalypse movies?
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Nothing on the last of us but I feel the same way with left for dead and zombieland. I think its the scenery.

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+1 For 28 Days/Weeks Later. The entire time I was playing TLOU I couldn't help but but feel like there was an extremely strong 28DL influence. Like you said, the music, sights, the dreariness and barrenness of the wasteland, and of course the fact that the "zombies" were actually living infected humans. 28DL also very strongly played off of the idea that humans are the real monsters. The survivors became very adept at dealing with the infected, but it was a VERY different situation when they met the soldiers...

I was continuously reminded of something else while playing as well. Did anyone else notice that, with the obvious exception of zombification, the cordyceps infection/growth bares an almost uncanny similarity to a certain episode of Fringe? I swear that was where they got the idea from.

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Hey guys. Speaking of films, I was really inspired by Last of Us (and also DayZ) mostly for the reason that the real enemy wasn't the infected, but it was always somehow about the other humans. So we did this little shortfilm with that idea in mind, hopefully you guys like. I was really inspired by that shootout scene with Ellie and Joel in the hospital so I tried to mimic it a bit.

Hope you guys enjoy. It's not an exact copy of Last of Us, more of an inspired by thing.