The News reporter at the beginning of the game....

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I noticed this during my 2nd playthrough of the game.... The news reporter on the TV when your playing as Sarah is Tess!  Look closly, it has to be her!  Its the same character model.  So this is what she was doing before the end!

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A lot of the character models are re-used. I've seen Bill's head many times on an infected body, and I think I've seen Tommy a few times too.

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Well thats cheap haha!!  I'll just imagine thats her so that I can have some more backstory for her then just " Joel and Tess were in a relationship"....  Would be cool though I think!

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I will have to look, but I highly disagree with swimbear. If it looks like Tess, it has to be. They wouldn't just do that.
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Also, can I ask, who was Tess? Were she and Joel dating? Married? Banging? They never really say. Correct me if I am wrong, but is there any romance between the two? A parting kiss? Anything? She kind of just plays the hero and dies. I just wondered who she was to Joel. Obviously he cared about her, but their story wasn't really touched on.
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Would you kiss an infected goodbye?