the last of survivor horror

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okay i haven't played DEAD SPACE 3 but the vibe i have been getting is that the game has lost it survival horror element.   RESIDENT EVIL  was already bleeding in RE 5,RE 6 just killed it by turning the game into CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES.

SILENT HILL died in the ps2 era.

now THE LAST OF US is around the corner ,it look very promising,but will this game been the one to save the genre only time will tell.                          

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Maybe even a nice blend of action & survival. But that will get it some hate straight away.
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I've played the demo and nope it wont save it. You know what it's like when you're against creatures in Uncharted? IMO, that's what this game is like, that would be cool if this was Uncharted 4 but it's supposed to be a different game.
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I think if you always have a companion with you it immediately makes it less scarry. You feel less tense, even if the companion is a teenage girl.

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This demo does feel like Uncharted and I don't like it. I'd like to think that maybe it's because I didn't get to start the game from the very beginning yet, but I don't know.  This game just doesn't feel right. And I have it pre-ordered :-(

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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is the last of survival horror. This game isn't even in the genre.