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Will there be any form of multiplayer in this? Co-op? Competitive?

#2 Posted by adamg78 (636 posts) -

im just  going by E3 but looks like there will only be a single player campaign only

#3 Posted by eboyishere (12681 posts) -
they said some form of MP will be in the game.
#4 Posted by Avenged_Plague (367 posts) -
they said some form of MP will be in the game.eboyishere
YUSSSSS!!!! Hopefully some co-op modes/missions
#5 Posted by kkushalbeatzz (10 posts) -
Yes? What do you think it'll be?
#6 Posted by gamerguy845 (2074 posts) -
Probably Uncharted Style Multiplayer
#7 Posted by cyclonebw (1801 posts) -

Probably fighting waves of zombies.

#8 Posted by Chrisf7 (3 posts) -

There is no co-op for it. There will be multiplayer, but they haven't announced what it will be yet.

#9 Posted by kkushalbeatzz (10 posts) -
Maybe something objective based?
#10 Posted by TheGuardian03 (21791 posts) -
Stealth missions? not getting cought.