HELP! Game not working anymore!

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So I just finished Bill's scenario where the you must find an engine to power up a car. And then the cut scene takes place where Joel and Ellie say their goodbye's to Bill and drive on. Later, they are attacked by a group of people. So the cut scene ends and joel and Ellie get dragged out of the car. The problem starts from here on. While Joel is getting dragged out, the door of the car doesn't open, the audio vanishes and then this quicktime even ensues where the attacker is trying to kill Joel by pushing him against a piece of glass sticking out of a window. After the quicktime event is finsihed, Joel kills the guy and the game stops, the words "Loading" flashing on the screen. My system then restarts and when I start the game again it stops at the loading screen.  I've restarted 3 times, the first time it stopped at 91% the second time at 22% and the third time at 7%. 

I've tried everything. If I click "continue" the game freezes at the loading screen. I selected an old save game, again the loading screen. Selected the mission from "chapters" the game started but the bug was still there and it stopped again after the quicktime event. I even died on the quicktime event to see if it will reload. stopped at the bloody loading screen again.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? and is there a solution? Please help!