Glitches You Encounter While Playing The Last Of Us

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Can you guys discuss what glitches you found in the game.i found a lot of glitches and strongly recommend Naughty Dog developers to so something about it.Seriously it's not best for such a good game to release with lot's of glitches.Or Maybe there game Testers were on vactions or something.

Here are few the last of us glitches.

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completed game on normal and normal + ZERO glithes ... maybe just that comic 13 was gone and i not collected only this comic of all but i started new game and hardest maybe will be that comic ...

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you are lucky that you didn't finds bugs and glitches in the last of us.the game was cool though.

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Just bought the game tonight. It straight up froze around an hour in. I threw a bottle to distract some guys and it it just stopped.  The music kept playing and I don't think it was my ps3's fault. 

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completed the game few weeks ago , not one single bug or freeze or anything...

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Finished on hard, on second play through and havent encountered one single bug or glitch, not even a hiccup.

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I only encountered two, and the 2nd was very minor.  The first was right after the shootout when Ellie has the sniper/hunting rifle and you crawl under the garage door and have to pull the cart  over to the ledge.  The triangle "pull-me!" thing just never appeared no matter what the angle.  I had to reload twice, same problem the second time but then the third was the charm.  Kinda annoying.

The other glitch was much later on in David's camp where I was stealth following this thug down an alleyway and he took a right turn into a wall and just disappeared.  Thug never reappeared, either.  I hope he's well...

Sounds like i'm lucky to have just had minor bugs


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i had the fastforward glitch. when walking you joel will suddenly crawl fast along with ellie and the clock will spin faster and the people aroung will walk faster. like fast forwarding a movie.

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I found a few of small glitches. 1. When Ellie has gone down the path and comes to the drain she needs to crawl through (after moving the dumpster), Ellie can climb onto a rock, and when you look around its like she's flying. 2. In the steakhouse when Ellie is being chased by the guy with the knife (can't think of his name), you can go into the kitchen and climb onto the stove, where I thought I could escape from the window, only Ellie again stands as if she's flying and only snow is visible. 3. Near the end when Ellie and Joel are crossing the cars and buses to get through the drain over the water, Joel fell in and even though his head was above water and he could look around he was drowning, I couldn't dive or surface and had to wait it out until he finally "drowned" in air....
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On the Chapter of pittsburg's hotel, just before you enter the hotel i saw a birds who was static in the air... I tought it was some kind of trophy thing so i shoot it... nothing happened and i lost one precious bullet pff!! oh the bird stilled was hanging in the mid air static xD
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I wonder how much TLoU pushes the PS3 and how much 'better' it might appear on the PS4?  I've played and finished one time so far with no hiccups or worse.  How can we get such a variety of little problems with the game developed for just one machine?  Are there variations in the hardware that make a difference?

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I encountered 2 serious bugs. One was at the start of Pittsburgh, when Joel and Ellie are ambushed by hunters. The audio stops and the character models start floating. Second, was when Joel was lifting Ellie on top of an elevator and the elevator falls down, same thing happens again, characters start floating and no audio. Both the times the game stopped working for days. Really annoying. 

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Didn't try this in my first playthrough but in the second (also on Easy) after finishing the tilted building I sent Joel back in.  Usually I think you'll find a door that doesn't open or rubble that blocks your path or a ledge you cannot climb up.  Instead only a short ways in Joel reached a passage opening where the graphics was not drawn and you could look down and around to nothing.  The sort of glitch where if Joel had stepped off into nothing he would have fallen who knows how long and could have looked up and watched TLoU 'world' he was in get smaller and smaller.  Not something to play with further given some uncertainty as to where the game would have restarted from.  I do not like repeating ANY of the fights over again just for the fun of it--none of them are 'fun'.

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Beat the game on normal, no glitches. Playing through now on survivor half way through the game and still havent encountered any glitches.

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No serious glitches in my 1 and 3/4 playthroughs so far. Though one time on my first playthrough, I left some ammo behind because I didn't need it, progressed a little through the level then could have used it. So I backtracked to get it, but I guess the game had already allocated memory to the next portion of the level because I was greated with a window into nothingness where a staircase should have been. It was actually more amusing then annoying and just shows that TLOU is probably pushing the PS3 to its limits.

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this is the WORST!! I finished the game several times and now am on survivor mode.. you guys know how HARD it is, basically get all the way up to chapter 4 at the hotel and it glitches, I notice that the audio track stops and then this is where the real problems start.. I cannot move ON further, because when I go to reload from a save,the information is corrupted.. so after wasting um like 4 hours getting up to this point on SURVIVOR never the less I have this problem!!  The first time this happened, I would strangle guys and they would stand up like mannequins after they were supposedly "downed" then I would go out to the balcony on the first floor by the room with the smiley face and I could see other areas of the hotel through walls!! This is SLOWLY killing my hardon for this game.. What can I realistically do?? I have deleted all data etc, but I wont be able to achieve my trophies for this game if I cant move forward!!  I think that they tried to load TOO much stuff in this chapter! you basically have the following scenes: alone and abandoned/ hotel (with basically 4 levels to it)/ then the financial district we all know there is a LOT going on in these chapters.. im hating this right now.. but what can I do??

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I occassionally gett a visual bug. It blurrs the visual of all letters (objects you can read not A-Z), paintings, tv screens. It is playable though. Happens randomly. Turning the game off and then restarting it has fixed it.

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the cutscenes would rarely load for me, from day 1 no cutscene worked, all had to be skipped, sometimes gameplay was choppy. I must have done the beginning part of the game 4 times, trying to fix and see if i did actually fix the issues I was having, in the end I took the piece of shit back to asda, never even bothered to kill any creature lol, just **** it off, could care less now.

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Durring the beginning of the Go Big Horns section, I was off the horse in a building, and Ellie was outside.  When I came out, her model had streached and distorted into something the looking like Jack Skeleton from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was kind of funny, and didn't seem to break any other part of the game.  I saved, quit the game and reloaded to fix the issue.

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hey i am new here. i just want to ask you a few things to you guys about the last of us. in my playstation the last of us runs perfectly on multiplayer but in single player sometimes during gameplay the game become slow and its pissing me off. the issue about the first loading time is not a issue to me it takes 25 seconds max but just like i say it keeps slowing down while walking. my ps3 is the slim 160gb. can you please help me??
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The few glitches I found were if you stand in certain position and aim a gun at multiple framed pictures, the pictures starting flickering rapidly. Other than that, not many glitches or bugs.

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Not sure if it was a glitch or some kind of system to stop afk people being taken advantage of, but found an enemy at spawn, and after multiple hits with the timber and a few gunshots to the head, he barely flinched and certainly didn't die