Bow Tips & Tactics (BEGINNER & EXPERT Level Tips)

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A walk through of various techniques/strategies such as The Pop 'N Shot, Drag Shooting, The Arrow - Knockout Blow, and Corner Shooting!

Also, I walk through

- The damage the bow inflicts on the body & head of enemies (with & without armor)

- What it's like getting shot from the bow (and how excellent it is for flanking since you can't easily pinpoint the location of bow users)

- The fire rate of the bow un-upgraded, upgraded once, and upgraded twice

- My bow loadout

It's 8 minutes long, but it's very well edited, at least I think so aka it's not boring!

This video even got re-tweeted on Twitter by Quentin Cobb, lead multiplayer designer for The Last Of Us!

I hope you guys enjoy, and let me know if it helped!