Any Multiplayer?

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Since Naughty Dog added to multiplayer to a seemingly single player experience that is known as Uncharted, do you think they are going to add it to The Last of Us? If so, how do you think it'll work?
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I heard today that naughty dog, added multiplayer to the last of us, and my heart sank a little bit, thoughts of idiot fps multiplayer fanboys flooding the last of us world, lept into my mind, I would love to see a seamless multiplayer exp in the game, but i know that's not going to happen, I hope that it will tie to the game somehow, I would like to see survivors vs the human enemies, as well as infected, using different (maybe multiple) safe areas to resupply, (possibally with A.I. driven guards) basically team deathmatch if you will, with enemy bots, that could use set pieces, or custom made for multiplayer, a variant could be gathering supplies while fighting off infected and the human enemies, (kind of like capture the flkag, or maybe featuring multiple supply spawn points) maybe a horde/firefight mode...
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I was kinda hoping there wouldn't be multiplayer so that they could but more into the single player. But I understand that if they didn't, those that want the run and gun gameplay are going to complain. This game's single player just looks soooo amazing, it's just a shame to take away from it for an unnecessary multiplayer experience. We'll see how this all turns out.

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Any new details on this?

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Any new details on this?

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Really hope it`s not anything like the uncharted multiplayer, hope it`s something new and amazing and different than any other shooter.