The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Hanafuda Card Game

    To play the Hanafuda Card Game, beat the game once using any character, without using continues. The option will appear in the main menu.

    Contributed by: RyoHazuki 

  2. Unlocking Cutscenes in Demo Viewer

    By playing through the game with each character, you'll unlock their ending, their mid-boss fight speech, and their speech after the mid-boss fight (latter only for certain characters).

    Contributed by: IHZer0 

  3. Unlock Portrait Gallery

    To get the gallery all you need to do is beat the game with any character. It'll appear on the main menu after doing so.

    Contributed by: Yuri Hyuga 

  4. Unlock the Memorial Movies

    To unlock the Memorial movies (Last Blade 1 endings), just complete the Hanafuda card game. Different characters yield different endings.

    Contributed by: Person 

  5. Play as Hidden Characters

    You must do these at the character select screen.

    Code Effect
    Kaede (Before the Awakening) Highlight Kaede and press X 14 times. You will hear Kaede talk to confirm the code. Then press A to select him.
    Kotetsu Naoe Highlight Shigen and press X 17 times. You will hear Kotetsu talk to confirm the code.
    Kouryu Highlight Yuki and press X 19 times. You will hear Kouryu talk to confirm the code. Then press A to select him.
    Hagure (the wandering puppet) Highlight Akari and press X 17 times, wait 1 second and press X once. You will hear Akari talk to confirm the code. Then press A to select it.

    Contributed by: Celsius 

  6. EX Mode

    Select Speed (Blue) at the Mode Selection Screen, then press X (6), Left, B (3), Right, & X(4).

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Character Guide Juzoh by Tenchu! 83K
Other Endings FAQ by Basel 20K
Character Guide Washizuka by Yamcha 8K
Character Guide Lee by hebretto 32K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by D.Thompson 112K
Character Guide Setsuna by OBartal 29K
Character Guide Hibiki by TKoo 26K
Short Move List Short Move List by Yoma 9K
Other Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior 11K
Other Hanafuda FAQ by zero2dash 12K
Other Quotes/Dialog Guide by RIu 53K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Deuce 175K
Character Guide Hagure by ATeo 15K
Combo FAQ Combo FAQ by PColman-Arrelaga 92K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Anthony 54K
Other EX Mode Cheat by rocketdive2001 0K