The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Bonus Characters

    At the Character Selection screen, highlight the normal version of one of the following fighters, then hold Start and press any button.

    Kyo Kusanagi - Terry Bogard
    Andy Bogard - Joe Higashi
    Ryo Sakazaki - Robert Garcia
    Yuri Sakazaki - Mai Shiranui
    Billy Kane - Orochi Yashiro
    Orochi Shermie - Orochi Chris
    Omega - Rugal

    Contributed by: ATadeo 

  2. Alternate colors

    Press A, A + X, A + Y, or A + X + Y while choosing your character to pick a different costume.

    Contributed by: Shirow 

  3. Teammate Assistance

    Hold B when selecting the fighter before a match. The faces that appear should be smiling or normal for each fighter for the cheat to work. If an angry face shows up, the trick doesn't work. Now, when you playing and your characters is stunned or held by the opponent (eg. Joe's throw, King...), hold X + Y + A and one of your teammates will jump in and help the your fighter.

    Contributed by: Shirow 

  4. Clean Pause

    Press X + Y while the game is paused.

    Contributed by: BongoGoku 

  5. Different Costumes

    Highlight one of these on the Character Select screen: Andy, Billy, Chris, Joe, Kyo, Mai, Robert, Ryo, Shermie, Terry, Yashiro, or Yuri. Next, press X while holding down Start to select your characters alternate costume.

    Contributed by: BongoGoku 

  6. Alternate Stages

    When selecting stages in VS mode, holding down the Start button on some stages lets you play on alternate versions of those stages.

    Contributed by: StarToad 

  7. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Hold Start, press A when selecting Survival Mode Alternate Survival Mode
    Highlight Rugel on character select screen, hold Start and press X Play as Boss Rugal
    Highlight Chris on the character select screen, and press Start Play as Orochi Team

    Contributed by: IHZer0 

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