This is definitely a step up from the previous K.O.F 3d fighter. Both in game play and graphics. Worth a look.

User Rating: 7.9 | King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 PS2
Bought the game today new for under $15 and as a fan of the fighting genre, I thought it was worth it. It kept me entertained and provided me with a few challenges to complete in order to unlock all the hidden characters and costumes. It is the typical beat-em up and it will get repetitive once you've completed all the tasks. I was able to unlock pretty much everything in one sitting. It has a large number of fighters to choose from (38 and counting) and it is fun to go and fight through the story mode with each one. Now for the replay value you ask? Well before I knew it, I was playing the entire game all over again. As far as graphics it has nice fluid animation and very colorful compared to the first K.O.F. Maximum Impact which looked a little muddy in comparison. The stages do get to be a little boring and not as detailed as you'd expect like Soul Calibur's stages. Over all this is a title that's worth picking up especially if you play with a friend. The game definitely has personality and if you consider yourself a fan of the fighting genre give this title a chance and rent it at least if you're not convinced by other reviews.