Improves significantly upon Maximum Impact, therefore it's a significantly better game this time around.

User Rating: 8 | King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 PS2
I kind of liked Maximum Impact back in the day, and I thought it was pretty underappreciated. But when this one came out, I hurriedly rushed out to buy it, and to my surprise, I definitely- DEFINITELY- liked this one a LOT better.

Yeah, all the moves are the same, the graphics are still the same, and the fighting is still frantic and animation was fluid with a few frame drops occasionally.

It's like playing the same 2D King of Fighters game, only you can move up and down to evade attacks. Of course, this takes some timing, but you'll get it right and be able to use it to your advantage.

And yes, I still like Alba and Soiree, because their moves actually rock. But noticeably, the character roster of the game has also significantly increased, so yes, I had reason to celebrate.

The game is of course, not exactly perfect though, because it didn't really have much to it in its unlockables and overall value, but multiplayer was really fun! And that mattered a lot to me.

Overall, this game is what Maximum Impact was supposed to be in the first place! If you like fighting games in general, KOF '06 will probably please you, but not exactly thrill you as much as Tekken, which rocks a lot harder.

KOF fans will certainly like this one a lot, though.