I waited for It, Anticipated it, Got it, And loved it!

User Rating: 9.6 | The King of Fighters 02/03 PS2
To start off this was such a great compilation of games that i have wanted for a while now. And the best part is that by the time they are released they have such a low price that its a double whammy for me! 2002-2003 is an instant classic and is what i think some of the best in the series. I personally like the graphics because all other 2d fighters have an anime look to them and i like how SNK Playmore steps beyond that look and does something different. Thought it does get annoying playing the boss that has a fatal disease called SNK Boss Syndrome [SBS] it is still very likable to me and I still enjoy playing it to this day [well at least until the king of fightetrs XI gets a stateside release]. Plus these games are kind of rare so if you do see it you should pick it up because it is worth the price.