One for the True Wrestling Fan

You have to be a true wrestling fan to appreciate this game. Yes I do agree that the wrestler models are ridiculously shaped, but that's easily forgotten once you start to play. See as a gamer I enjoy sitting down and just playing a game without having to open a book for moves or searching the internet for cheats. This game does that. It's really easy to sit down and play it with no problems. Now as for the repetitive game play that is true, but you can change up the option and make the matches more interesting with all the interactive spots around the different arenas. I do agree that the Legend Killer Mode is a little dull because you have to play 10 matches in a row and you can't stop or save without having to start over. But like I said before tweak the option menu and your created wrestler should fly through the tiers in no time. The wrestlemania tour is probably the best part of the game. The match videos before you play are incredible. The match objective are really fun to complete. The only downfall to some of the objectives are the ones where your opponent does something to you and you have to break out of it. It's hard to get the A.I. to do those things. I'm hoping they do make a Legends of Wrestlemania 2 because this game only goes up to WM 15 and I can think of so many matches I'd like to Relive or Rewrite and I can definite think of a few Legends that I'd like to see in the game. One in particular "Macho Man" Randy Savage. You'll definitely enjoy this game if you're a true wrestling fan.