The Incredibles Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Level Passwords

    Input these in the password menu, on the main screen.

    Code Effect
    MSW5 Level 1-1-1
    BK8V Level 1-1-2
    69NN Level 1-2-1
    GFVY Level 1-3-1
    V34K Level 1-3-2
    94HR Level 2-1-1
    ZWLG Level 2-1-2
    SP?? Level 2-1-3
    KDY3 Level 2-2-1
    Y27F Level 2-3-1
    6!2N Level 2-3-2
    BHBV Level 2-3-3
    MQR5 Level 2-4-1
    3YTK Level 2-4-2
    ?6DS Level 2-4-3
    6?SR Level 2-5-2
    SNJ5 Level 2-5-3
    MNW9 Level 3-1-1
    BF8Z Level 3-2-1
    65NS Level 3-2-2
    YVKK Level 3-2-3
    KGTY Level 3-2-4
    SRD6 Level 3-3-1
    Z3ZB Level 3-4-1
    9?5M Level 3-5-1
    FC73 Level 3-5-2
    NL2? Level 3-5-3
    VXBG Level 3-6-1
    YWKJ Level 3-6-2
    GJQZ Level 3-6-3
    KHP2 Level 3-7-1
    313K Level 3-7-2
    ?!JT Level 4-1-1
    ML17 Level 4-2-1
    YXFC Level 4-3-1
    GHV1 Level 4-4-1
    VW4C Level 4-5-1
    YX!F Level 4-6-1 (final level)

    Contributed by: Mykas0 

  2. Secret passwords

    Enter this password in the password screen in the main menu

    Code Effect
    94MC Start on Level 2-2-1 with unlimited lives
    SP77 Start at Level 2-2-1 with 6 lives
    MSMC To enable debug, press L, R to select the function, level, select new game to access
    M!K3 infinite lives (play from the very first level)
    MS91 Start at 1-3-1 with unlimited lives
    YZTP 1-1-2 with Unlimited Lives
    MS5W 1-2-1 with Unlimited Lives
    BKZ4 1-3-1 with Unlimited Lives

    Contributed by: Cloud_668 

  3. Level Select

    Enter this at the password screen, in the main menu.

    Code Effect
    SNDF A bar with "111" appears on the main menu. Increment or decrease the number with L or R, and choose "New Game" to warp to the chosen level.

    Contributed by: Takaoldaria 

  4. Cheat Passwords

    Enter this password in the password screen in the main menu

    Code Effect
    96KR Invincibility, Infinite Incredi-Meter, attacks cause more damage
    69DD Infinite lives
    ZYQ8 Unlock level select option at the main menu (press L or R to change your starting level)
    FG6Y Mr. Incredible always wears his red costume

    Contributed by: shadowcore76 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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The Incredibles Cheats For GameCube

  1. Apartment Inferno Trick

    The fire jets in the walls can be easily bypassed easily by rolling. (Hold R+direction+A) Even when the jets are are actually spewing fire you will not take any damage whatsoever.

    Contributed by: nightfire818 

  2. Various Toy Story References

    In Dash's first Mission "Late for School" there are several references to Toy Story, such as the Pizza Planet Delivery Truck, and the moving truck with the boxes falling out.

    Contributed by: DrakonFyre 

  3. Cheats

    Code Effect
    SHOWTIME Mr. Incredible gets infinite incredi-power
    FLEXIBLE Elastigirl gets infinite incredi-power
    GAZERBEAM Shoot out laser for a short period of time
    ATHLETESFOOT Fire trail
    UUDDLRLRBAS Restores 25% health
    SASSMODE Speeds up gameplay
    SMARTBOMB Destroys everything nearby
    EINSTEINIUM Big heads
    KRONOS One hit kills
    BOAPLACE Makes game 20% easier
    labombe make bombs weaker
    DASHLIKES temporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash
    MCTRAVIS infinate incredi-power to mr incredible or elastagirl
    danieltheflash same effect as dashlikes
    BWTHEMOVIE slowmotiongame
    invertcameraX horizontal camera control switched
    invertcameraY vertical camera control switched
    deevolve small head mode
    Bhud toggle hud
    invertturret on nomasian island and the firepitlab, the turrets(shooting mechanism) controls are reversed
    discorules some objects flash different colors
    EMODE Brightness/bright colors
    HI introduction sequence
    YOURNAMEINLIGHTS credits sequence
    BOAPLACE easier game
    DANDRUFF henchmen always launch death shrapnel
    ROTAIDALG battle mode unlocked
    THEDUDEABIDES deactivate all codes
    ILIEMIAOW Unlocks all levels

    Contributed by: FlamingSaiyan 

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by clockstomper 76K

The Incredibles Cheats For PC

  1. Misc. Cheats

    After starting a game, pause and go to secrets. From there you can enter one of the following codes for the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Smartbomb Destroy everything in sight
    Boaplace Makes game easier
    Athletesfoot Fire Trail
    Uuddlrlrbas Restore 25% health
    einstienium big heads
    deevolve smal heads
    showtime infinite incredi-power for mr.incredible
    dashlikes infinite incredi-power for dash
    ILIEMIAOW unlocks all levels
    gazerbeam mr. incredible will have laser vision

    Contributed by: geek guy 

  2. Incredibles Codes

    Enter these codes under secrets after pausing.

    Code Effect
    SASSMODE speed up gameplay
    KRONOS one-hit kills
    FLEXIBLE infinite incredi-power for Elastigirl
    HI show intro
    YOURNAMEINLIGHTS show credits
    BHUD hide bar on top left
    BWTheMovie slow motion
    RotAIDalg battle mode
    TheDudeAbides deactivate all active codes

    Contributed by: Llamaman2 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by clockstomper 76K

The Incredibles Cheats For PS2

  1. All levels

    You press start and then click secrets to get to the password screen.

    Code Effect
    ILIEMIAOW All levels

    Contributed by: susiesal1967 

  2. Pause Screen Codes

    Pause the game, select the Secrets option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes are only available in specific levels.

    Code Effect
    SpringBreak Level select
    UUDDLRLRBAS Refill 25% health
    Flexible Infinite Elastigirl powers
    Showtime Temporary infinite Incredi-points
    SmartBomb Destroy all nearby enemies and items
    DanielTheFlash Superspeed Incredi-power while running
    McTravis Fast Running and Ramming Incredi-power
    DashLikes Temporary infinite Incredi-power while playing as dash
    Dandruff Henchmen always launch death shrapnel
    PinkSlip Health remains constant (not invincibility)
    Kronos Findtrails and Superpunch
    GazerBeam Shoot beams temporarily
    AthletesFoot Fire Trail
    BoaPlace Easier game
    SassMode Faster game
    InvertTurret Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turret
    DeEvolve Small head mode
    BWTheMovie Slow motion player
    Einsteinium Big head mode
    DiscoRules Some objects flash different colors
    EMode Brightness/bright colors
    bHUD Toggle HUD
    Hi Introduction sequence
    YourNameInLights Credits sequence
    RotAIDalg Battle mode
    TheDudeAbides Deactivate all active codes
    Bobohrat Giant body mode
    HEALTH Invincibility

    Contributed by: Ryeko 

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by clockstomper 76K

The Incredibles Cheats For Xbox

  1. Secrets Passwords

    Pause your game, selected Secrets, and type in one of the following (must be retyped each life):

    Code Effect
    gazerbeam Shots come out of your eyes until you press punch
    kronos one hit destruction of object and blurr gfx
    Showtime refill your incredimoves meter
    deevolve Always have a small head.
    einsteinium Always have a big head.
    springbreak level select
    UUDDLRLRBAS Refill 25% health
    flexible infinite Elastigirl powers
    smartbomb destroy all nearby enemies and items
    danieltheflash superspeed Incredi-power while running
    mctravis fast running ans ramming incredi-power
    dashlikes temporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash
    dandruff henchmen always launch death shrapnel
    pinkslip health remains constant
    tonyloaf health appears more often
    athletesfoot fire trail
    boaplace easier game
    sassmode fastergame
    invertturret reverse movement with nomansian island turret
    ILIEMIAOW Open all levels
    INVERTCAMERAX Reverses controls for the horizontal camera
    LABOMBE Weakens bombs 20%
    INVERTCAMERAY Reverses controls for the vertical camera

    Contributed by: Xian 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by clockstomper 76K