Hulk Mad, But Not At The Quality Of "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction"

User Rating: 8.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
Anyone who played the last Incredible Hulk game on Playstation 2 knows that despite the fact that it was a solid game, it didn’t give hardcore Hulk fans the chance to totally embrace the chaotic nature that The Hulk represents. It mixed stealth/action elements together and made gamers rely way too much on the intelligence of Bruce Banner and not the brute strength of The Hulk. Fortunately for gamers Sierra games has learned from the mistakes of Universal Interactive and made a Hulk game that embodies the things that make The Incredible Hulk a truly special super hero. In the mold of Grand Theft Auto and Spiderman 2, gamers now have as much freedom as they want, using Hulks many powers to help Bruce Banner find a cure for his gamma radiation poisoning. Gamers that care less about Bruce Banner can feel free to wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path in the games free roam mode. The single attribute that makes Hulk a supremely enjoyable title is the relative ease it takes to make The Hulk do what you wish. It’s never been easier to take down buildings and anything else in your path as everyone’s favorite green super hero. The amount of things The Hulk can do also is pretty impressive as almost everything in your environment is destructible. Hulk can use trucks as shields from incoming attacks and break taxi-cabs into two and use them as boxing gloves. Hulk can even break light posts and throw them at helicopters that are attacking him. The amount of fun involved in just destroying environments is just as much fun as advancing in the games stellar and challenging story, providing solid replay value in an already fantastic game. There are also over 100 unlockables to attain through advancing in the game like alternate costumes, moves and Easter eggs. The graphics in “Hulk: Ultimate Destruction” provide a perfect setting for the unleashing the monster in The Hulk. From military bases to the big city, Hulk’s environment looks great and just adds to the killer gameplay and control. Anyone looking for a challenging game to kill those long autumn hours should seriously consider “Hulk: Ultimate Destruction”. The game accomplishes everything it needs to be a great action/Beat-em up that accurately represents the source material it’s based on. Overall rating 8.5 out of 10