Wow what an exciting title then the first screen shot AHHHHH!!!!

#1 Posted by Droman6969 (175 posts) -

Anime style female looking character come on this could of been so great as an IP.  God I imagined all the possible battles with the ultimate monster slayer van helsing and then saw the screen shots good god what a waste!

#3 Posted by elessarGObonzo (1278 posts) -

is an awesome isometric game. better than diablo 3 or torchlight 2.

#4 Posted by UdderJuice (40 posts) -

I sure love people who refuse to play a game just because "it was made in Japan."  lol

#5 Posted by Eraldus (400 posts) -
Gotta love how people overreact to the most simplistic and stupid details, as if it was a game breaker... Nothing to see here...