Explain the game mechanics bro

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kinda weary of isometric games, i just dont like moving around a half inch sprite around the screen. never was into starcraft for this reason. any details on the gameplay would be good, it looks a bit like diablo, hoping for some strong rpg elemnts. thanks
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Its pretty much Diablo but worse.

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For real? Even worse then Diablo?(I'm assuming the newest Diablo)

I would like to see some actual information about the game though. In my mind I can see a very interesting game to go with the Van Helsing title. Of course that doesn't mean that the dev's are on the same frequency as I am, but I could at least imagine it working out, unlike some other fairly recent titles.

So yeah, who's got some factual data?

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It's fun. A sort of steampunk Diablo II on Steroids.

It doesn't have random Levels on SP and I don't know how long it takes to play through but for 15 bucks you could do much worse.

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is a great game for a short iso rpg. i enjoyed the first 2 chapters more than anything in torchlight 2 or diablo 3. 3rd chapter seemed kind of monotonous. is supposedly a steady stream of free DLC content on the way. and Martha, you can zoom in to just over head if the panned out view bothers you.


bad things: enemies do not respawn when you return to maps. you will never get enough experience to learn all abilities.

as far as I found you can not return to the first stage of the game once you have traversed the caves.

the best weapons and armor were found halfway through the game.

armors do not change your appearance enough. all i ever noticed was a slightly different hat and some color change spots on my armors\capes. *are skins available through DLC that make more of a change.


i'm really hoping this game grows to be more than it is through the release of these DLCs. great concept and mostly fun gameplay.